History broken with postgres in 7.2.5?

I keep getting “Returning autogenerated keys is not supported.” on the console and nothing is been inserted into my history.

The latest Postgres JDBC driver supports returning generated keys, so the database translator was modified to reflect that… the problem is that I don’t believe the new JDBC driver was properly included in the installer. Also, just to confirm- this is a new install of 7.2.5, not an upgrade, right?

Check out this post, and follow my instructions for updating the driver JAR file. That should take care of it.


That fixed it. Yes it was a new install.

I would also like to comment on the store and forward engine. I did a fine job store all those history events that were unable to be written. It did an even better job writing the 2,500,000+ records after we installed the correct JDBC driver. (It near broke my poor developers pc :laughing: )

Great. For the record, the new Postgres driver was left out of 7.2.6 as well. It will be in 7.2.7, but I’m not sure if upgrades will get updated correctly, so anyone who stumbles across this with a similar problem should verify that they have the version 9 postgres driver in the folder “{Install dir}/contexts/main/jdbc”.

As for the forwarding… well, we could meter it out, but what fun is that.