History data in trend not working anymore

Since morning as you see, the history trend is not getting any new reading although the tag is healthy and changes value frequently.

I restarted the gateway but still same problem, Any suggestion pls.

I found that the disk driver for DB is full ,I deleted some unneeded data to have more space .

but still the data not updated till now

Did you restart the DB after that, too?

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I just restarted the DB server now,and also restarted sql services ,is that what you mean ?

I can see some transaction groups that were stopped before ,now are working back,But still the historical data not working since 3 am today morning.

You probably have a pile of data stuck in your store-and-forward subsystem that will have to flush itself out before your system stabilizes. You may have to restart Ignition again now that the DB is working.

Sounds like you need to implement some server status monitoring in an external system. Nagios is popular for such things.

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I restarted Ignition server but still same ,history reading stopped at 3 am.

update : I made a new clean DB and change tag history location from old DB to this one and will start record on the new one

You could have just gone to the store forward system and told it to retry the cached queries


I also needed to change the historical data to be real time data then turn back to historical data to refresh the binding .

You are using end date = now(0). The zero means no polling. Set it to some non-zero milliseconds to control how often the binding runs (and therefore how often the chart updates).

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