History (Historian): Query Functions

New user to the Historian in Ignition. Past experience with OSI PI, IP21, WW Historian.

Just wondering if there are any other functions or stored procedures that have been developed for various retrieval methods in the Historian besides the system.tag.queryTagHistory in Python. Examples might be:
1.) Discrete Tag:
a. query for returning how long a tag has been in a certain state over a time period
b. query for returning how many times a tag has transition to some value (i.e. how many times a motor has been started)
2.) Analog Tag:
a. How long was a Tag above or below a value.
b. Integration over a time period (i.e. Totalizer for taking flow rate and calculating volume or mass)
c. Counter function to determine total counts of a Tag the rolls over after a certain value.

Any help on this from the forum would be appreciated.

I want to bump this question, as I have it too.

I’m considering another historian for use in our data warehouse implementation, specifically for time series data. I’d like to use what I have (Ignition), but getting data out efficiently is a concern - due to the questions Chris asked previously. I like the query tools that other historians have to get data out, as well as purpose-built trend applications.

I know this can be done (It’s SQL). I know the historian query methods exist within the Ignition framework to do much of this, however it doesn’t exist outside the framework as far as I know.

Out of curiosity - are there other people using a historian to complement Ignition. If so, I’d like to hear from you, online of off. I’m within weeks of making a critical time-series data decision.


Was there any resolvement here? I am working on a project where a customer with an OSI PI system wants to sample ignition data. Is there an easy way to do this?

The most recommended way to expose Ignition’s historian to 3rd parties has been to use the WebDev module to provide a simple JSON or SOAP API.

Please let me know the advantage of webdev over opcua.i.e exposing ignition data via opcua server.

Ignition’s OPC UA server doesn’t expose any history. And history is not automatically collected on OPC UA items. History is a separate subsystem in Ignition that is enabled on a tag-by-tag basis in Ignition’s tag system (distinct from and not limited to the OPC UA system).