History not accessible from Easy Chart component

I’m using Ignition Gateway Version: 8.0.16 (b2020082513) on Windows 10 (64) (also on Linux Mint 20). I have 2 projects on this Gateway, one with about 1200 tags and one with about 8300 tags. The projects are created separately and combined to one gateway. The current database engine is SQLite. When the project is on separate gateway, it works as expected - historical data is writen and displayed as expected on charts. When I put the project to the production gateway all the charts are empty. The data is saved to database as expected. Testing values are simulated. I have 2 tag providers, one for every of the projects. Tag names I’m ploting are unique for both projects (no name overlapping). The values are of float type.

I can’t figure out why the data is not plotted on the charts. The gateway log is empty. Sometimes the chart shows a horizontal line on the level of the current value.

On separate project value is displayed as sinusoidal line as expected. The configuration of the gateway for the tag provider, historical tag providers and databases are the same. There is no export/import tool but I checked it line-by-line.

I also tested Chart component with query to database. The chart displays stored data as expected. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Any help?

I think in this case you’re going to be better off contacting IA support.

Aside from your actual problem, this is a terrible choice. SQLite is a single-threaded DB. Even modest sized projects (like yours) will crush it.

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Thank you for your comment. I red a lot of your comments while working on this project and I respect your opinion. It’s early stage of the project, so I will reconsider to use other SQL server later.