History provider list shows old deleted providers

When I create or edit a tag and enable tag history for that tag, the history providers list shows old providers that are not in use and have been deleted. I have 3 history providers configured in the gateway but the list shows 7 providers (since it includes old deleted providers). How can I clear out this list so that it shows only the current configured providers?

Gateway Ver 7.6.4

Have you tried restarting the gateway to see if this removes the historical provider? Give that a try and see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn’t then read on.

First you will want to make sure the database connection is not listed for the historical provider. Each historical provider is created automatically in the gateway by the database connection. If you the historical provider is not listed in the gateway and the database connection is not present you can go into the raw settings viewer and delete the historical provider from the internal database. You will probably need to restart the gateway afterwards.