History Tag not logging

I have created 100 numbers of history tags and I am able to get the online data from each tag. But when I want to see the history, data is not stored for some tags. Configuration of history tag is same for all 100 tags. There is no error messages. I have used easy chart & it is showing “0” data for some tags.
What could be the reason???

Database used is PostgreSQL 9.3 & Ignition Version is 7.3

Assuming all the tag configs are indeed identical, here’s some troubleshooting steps.

  • Store history for this tag [Yes]
  • History Provider is provided and correct
  • Historical Scanclass - Are you using [Evaluate on Change]? If so what is your Historical Deadband, and are the values of the tags moving outside that deadband?
  • Check Historical Deadband Mode, try changing it to Absolute if it isn’t already and set Historical Deadband to 0 or 0.01
  • Value Mode - set to Discrete
  • Max time between records - if none of the others work, set the max time between records to something like 5 minutes and see if you are at least getting entries into the database, even if you don’t think they are correct.

Other steps

  • Make sure tag is enabled
  • If the tag belongs to a UDT, make sure it is enabled as well

thank you, it worked out.