HiveMQ broker with Ignition Transmitter


I am testing out MQTT with Ignition, and I am publishing to my HiveMQ MQTT broker.

This is the message i am publishing

And this is what is looks like in node-red. I want the topic to be just "HiveMQ/Tag1", insted of "spBv1.0/Ignition/DDATA/ID/Autoen". How can I fix that?


Also, what is happening to the recieved message value?

If you're wanting to publish raw MQTT topics, look to the Python Scripting methods available in MQTT Transmission module. The rest of the publishing mechanisms (and the reason you're seeing the topic structure under spBv1.0) are based on SparkplugB specification.

Note: You can also use MQTT Engine's Custom Namespaces feature to subscribe to traditional MQTT topics. That module also has associated scripting functions for publishing data to raw topics (note that writing to tags in Ignition that are coming in from a custom namespace do not propagate the write back to the broker by default).