HMI for power systems

I am new here. Trying to create a HMI for power system. Showing one-lines and status of circuit breakers etc.

Is there anywhere I can find symbols for Transformer, Circuit Breakers?

some thing like this:

Any suggestion is appreciated.

I think you need to specify whether or not this is for Vision or Perspective. Add the appropriate tag to your post.

Do you think it actually matters? For both, Vision or Perspetive, a SVG is the best option.

I agree with using SVG, but I think reading high performance HMI is very necessary. That window you referenced is poor.

I think Vision will be more suitable for these one line diagrams of power distribution systems as it offers excellent drawing tools having CAD like features. With its template feature is will also be possible to group repetitive objects like two winding transformers/ three winding transformers etc. I guess the symbols for these components already exist in the library of Ignition.

However Perspective also allows importing CAD drawings from DXF formats as SVG graphics.

This is a simple google search “Electric Power System Symbols SVG - Download” or similar. Pick any package of your taste.

Thank you all for the inputs. It seems I dont need perspective.

All I need is to get a block symbol representing a circuit breaker and link the color to the status

I also need couple of indicator light like the link i attach below. I need it flash when status set true. I dont see something built in. Can someone guide me to the direction? Thank you

you could alternate the display symbol between an ON and an OFF symbol based on a expression tag that goes true and false at required flash rate when status is true.