HMI Images

Just making a post for users to post industrial images, or hints at making there own.
Up until 2 weeks ago, i had to tint the background color of my images to make it invisible, so only the actual device would show up. I stumbled across a program called Paint.NET, and it is awesome for helping with images. I can delete the background from images with just a few clicks. The download is relatively small at 1.2 Mb, supports plugins (so its expandable) and best of all, its free.

Here is an example. I downloaded this image of a micromotion from the internet, but the background is white, not clear. To make the background clear, , just select the magic wand, and click the area you want to be clear.

then hit the delete key. Do this until the image is how you want it, and save it as a PNG file, and upload it to your FPMI image directory.

The Paint.NET forum is also helpful, with tons of tutorials.

Here is the final product

Thanks for the tip - that’s a nice looking one.

Paint.NET - I stumbled across this program as well a few years ago, but forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me - it looks much lighter weight than firing up the GIMP for simple image editing.

One more tip for images: if you you want to make your own industrial images, at least until FactoryPMI has more capable native drawing tools, check out Inkscape. Its a free, open source vector drawing tool - very capable.