HMI Screen for Field Panel and Security

We currently have a basic Ignition Gateway Unlimited Vision system. We have one gateway so far. Right now, all clients log in via username and password and have access to all of the screens. This works fine but it is best in an environment where people sit down at the computer or log in remotely.

I would like to develop screens that are specific to particular pieces of equipment. Ideally this screen would only be available at the device itself.

a) What is best practice? Do you create a separate project for each piece of equipment so that it is easier to lock down?

b) Is there a way to autologin at the machine BUT not anywhere else?

I have read many posts about creating a fake login screen.
I could probably do the IP address one but I believe you can fake it by running a VM with the same IP with NAT through the workstation. Could still be acceptable for us.

Group username/password would be OK if it was only possible to login at the machine itself.

c) The other way I thought about was to use the RFID card reader and have a card by the machine.

How is everyone tackling this?

These forums have many solutions to this sort of problem. I would create one project for the machine interfaces, have it auto-login to a generic “operator” user. No windows would auto-open. A client startup script would look up the IP address and open the correct window for the machine, or open an error window if not matched. The startup script could also use system.util.getSessionInfo() to ensure only one window was opened per actual machine.
Generic dashboards and general office access would be in one or more other projects with the normal login process.

Hello All,

I am also new to Ignition, but have this very problem to solve as first Ignition project. Can you give some guidance and maybe some example of running a start up script to check the Client IP and only login to that machine
Any help greatly appreciated