Hold perspective view parameters

Hello, I am making 3 different views with options and all of them has 1 embedded view (embeded view has 1 label and 1 text field)
my 1st page is for write in the text field and the 2nd one to store it in the PC, when i write my data in the 1st page (which a button script modify a parameter of the embeded view and the text field is binded to that view param) its all ok, it display.
but when i switch to the 2nd page all data that has been written disapear, even if i return to the 1st page.

do you know if there are special bidnings for this or is there another way to do it? thanks

What’s the reason for having the same View duplicated?

I’m a little confused of your setup, it would probably help to see some screenshots, but is the parameter of the embedded view that your text field is bound to, bound to anything itself? If not, then its value would be lost when you change views. There also doesn’t seem to be anything linking your 1st view’s text field value to your 2nd view’s text field value, so there’s no reason for your change of this value of the 1st to then come across into the 2nd.
You need to bind it to something like a tag or a session prop in order to make it persist. And you need to make sure that the binding is set to bidirectional

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Hello nminchin, thank you! well actually it was like a code to store but i need to use that code in another 3 screens; thats why i used the embeded view; and yes; your solution about bindin it to a tag works, i didnt want to use it tbh because i think i will lost the format but nothings happens!

thank you again!