Home Automation and Dashboards

I’m a little shocked there hasn’t been more enthusiasm for creating API’s and dashboards using Ignition to connect to established home automation systems. Maybe everyone is working in silos and not posting their progress and accomplishments. Maybe I’m just a huge dummy and don’t know a good starting place to get these things done.

I did get Kyle Chase’s MyQ integration to work finally. For what ever reason, it I put the script in a script package, it was a no go, but just copying in the script and adding the tags he provided, it worked great. Thank you.

I’m not seeing anyone working with ecobee, MagicHue/MagicHome, Zigbee, Rachio. Very little explanation for integrating with Z-Wave devices, Alexa or Google Home. I have Node-Red working, tried using Sparkplug, again, very little documentation and it’s not creating Ignition tags like I thought it was supposed to. Then I started to think, why would I need a third party server to connect with Ignition? It should do this on it’s own.

I though my fellow geek community would totally jump on this opportunity and drive, what I think, is the next phase of Ignition.

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Maybe everyone is working on the contest?

I think it’s great that the Home Automation crowd has recognized Maker as a valuable tool, but personally I’m not a fan of HA. It seems like the HA enthusiasts led the charge on Maker based solutions after it’s release; however, the platform is so powerful that you can really do anything with it (I’m working on a project for visualizing tracked ADS-B broadcasts). HA is just a small subsection of what Maker is useful for.

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While I’m excited to explore, its lower on my priority list right now. Mostly because Google is changing how you access and control devices via Google Assistant/Home, so I’m hoping once that goes public later this year, I can just interface Ignition to the Google Assistant and have one connection to configure to hopefully access and control everything on my system.

I have a bunch of integrations ready to go, but have a bug/leak/pebkac utilizing the httpclient, and I havent had the time to get it into IA yet. Current integrations include the MyQ integration (New way, not posted yet), Uqiquiti Networks Unifi platform, unifi protect (for motion alarms), openweathermap and climacell. The method will allow integration with almost any REST/JSON api, so maybe I should hurry up and get this done.

I am a pilot and a software developer becoming familiar with Ignition and a project like the one (Ben) is
working on and is something I would really like to look into. I am interested in any phone/tablet application related to aviation where I could use Maker as the platform.