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Hello eveyone,

So I finally decided to start working on my home automation, and started integrating some stuff I had home. It’s been extreamly fun to hack a couple of things, but interacting with google home / assistant has proven to be a bit tougher that I expected :slight_smile:

The first obvious problem is having self signed SSL at home, which prevents me to use assistant actions to integrate via webhooks. The second problem is integrating with some bulbs I had on google home, but I would much rather prefer to operate locally (i’m considering replacing them by zigbee bulbs, if there’s no other way). Any suggestions or pointers to tackle these problems?

As a side note, here’s a sample of what I’m doing, feel free to show yours! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

I side-stepped the self-signed SSL issue by using my domain to get Lets Encrypt certs. In my particular case, I have my domain DNS administered on Digital Ocean, and I was able to use a library like this one to automate the process. (I’m actually using a pfSense firewall to do it all, but changing your network architecture just to get certs is possibly a big request…)

With this setup, I can get valid certs for any name I want under *.mydomain.com even if the machines are never accessible to the internet.

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Hi, and thank you for the reply.

I will eventually consider that, if this proves to be more then a temporary hobby. For now, I’m actually using a webhook relay to use assistant actions, which actually allows me to not expose my server too much. Still, it’s a workaround, and I’m certainly considering a solution like you propose, both for performance and security reasons.

Onwards to “hack” the tv api :slight_smile:

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SSL solved with letsecnrypt. Thanks for the pointer in the right direction!!

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