Home Page Slow to open and Designer does Not Open?

Help. I’m working on a project and have three different Gateways all running on the same tpye of computers with Windows 7 32 Bit OSs. One computer has no problems. The other two are having problems opening the Ignition Home Page in Chrome. Also a problem in Explorer. The Broswer Hangs a long time and after many minutes, more than 5 the page shows up. I try to launch the Project and the Designer and see the Java 7… screen. It goes away and nothing launches. My problems go away on reboot. I’ve looked at the Windows Event Viewer and cannot find any issues. Any ideas what to look at?


Bruce Gibbens

Is the problem repeatable? Or did the single restart fix it for good?


It has now been happening for two days. I loaded everything last week on Thursday and the issue showed up Friday. I came to site again yesterday and it occured again. Came in this morning and the problem happened again. The reboot works for a couple hours and then Ignition Stops working. It’s probably a Windows Issue, but I can’t find anything wrong in the Event Viewer on the computers.



If it was an Ignition problem it would be happening on all of the client machines. It seems odd that it only happens on those 2 machines. Do they have any anti-virus software? Are they connected to Active Directory and have roaming profiles turned on?

No Virus software is loaded on these machines at this time. The computers are brand new out of the box. We did have to update Windows immediately, big pain. Each computer is now running Service Pack 1. We are not connected to any domain and do not have roaming profiles.


You will probably have to call our tech support and do a GoToMeeting. Maybe we can see what is going on.

Ok. We swapped out some computer hardware. I’ll see if this fixes the problem prior to calling. Thanks for the responses.