Home page won't start

Out of the blue, I’m not able to launch the Ignition homepage at all. I can launch projects and the designer using the same links I’ve always used, but Internet Explorer just locks up if I try to get to the home page. If I type []( number), but it never progresses.

I’ve cleared the IE history and files, and cleared the java cache. Fwiw, this pc is never on the internet, and there have been no updates of anything. I’m running v7.28.

sessionid is stored in a cookie… so check to see if cookies are enabled.
One of the reasons the page cannot get past this may be that it is unable to store the sessionid cookie

All cookies are allowed at the lowest setting. The pc has no internet access, and it’s wide open. Everything was just working yesterday.

Anything else I could look at? I need to export a couple of projects I’ve been working on so I can test them on the production server.

Ok, I’ve tried some other things:

  1. I put it on the internet for a few minutes, and was able to go to any page I wanted, and cookies were being created.
  2. I updated IE while I was at it- no change.
  3. I reset the IE to the default options- no change.

I can do anything and everything except get to the gateway page. Even if I leave the sessionid part off and manually type only, it hangs within seconds.

Are their any logs or thread dumps or anything that can help me with this? Things are going to heat up quickly here.

Edit: I thought this was 7.6.0 related. Still would try Chromium or Firefox first.

I would always try a browser other than IE (ANYTHING) before thinking the problem is not caused by M$. Also, corp. security systems are getting overly aggressive, (job justification I guess), and disabling those services while troubleshooting may help you.

I have other issues after the upgrade, but this is not one. My pages are actually painted closer to standard than ever before.

Using another browser is not an option (not permitted by corporate). I didn’t do an upgrade or anything like that. Security isn’t an issue because the machine is on a locked down network and the firewall is open. It happened out of the blue from one day to the next.

I’d love to say it is IE, but everything else launches just fine. Would it be a matter of deleting one of the xml files in the install directory or something like that?

Can you launch the GCU and get a thread dump?

Here you go. Not sure if it matters, but TD1 is while IE is locked up, and TD2 is after I killed IE.
TD2.txt (25.1 KB)
TD1.txt (24.9 KB)

Can you get to the /status or /config pages?

Not from the PC where the gateway is running. IE hangs immediately whether I launch from the address bar in IE or the GCU. I can’t get to the web page at all.

I can get to the web page from a client PC out on the floor, but that really stifles development.

Did IT push some new setting down to IE? Some new virus checker or something?

No. Plus, every web page or anything else I try to run works fine, including all other aspects of Ignition.

If I go to event viewer, I do see the following: “Hanging application iexplore.exe, version 8.0.6001.18702, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000”. Not sure if that helps.

Try this: from another computer, go to the /config section, and then go to Gateway Settings > Homepage Config and disable the “Java Detection” panel.

Nope, same thing.

Ok, got it: I had to disable the Java Deployment Toolkit add-on in IE, and now it works. I’m not even sure when it got enabled or even how it got there, since I haven’t even updated Java for a long time (still running 6.26). Anyway, things are back to normal now.