Homepage Config page is blank

I’m trying to configure the homepage for the gateway web interface but when I navigate to Config>Gateway Settings>Homepage Config, there are no controls visible. The usual columns are there (Panel, Start Expanded, Enabled) but there are no options or checkboxes underneath. Is this a bug, or should I be looking somewhere different for this functionality in v8?

I had the same issue with Explorer 11. I am now using Chrome and it works fine.

I believe that entire “Homepage Config” tab is being removed, but we just haven’t gotten around to it with all of the functionality fixes we’ve been prioritizing. If you look at the Home Page you’ll see there are no longer any panels to collapse/expand, so there’s no reason to have a configuration for them.

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Note that if you do want to change the appearance of the homepage, you can simply provide a path to your own perspective project - check the end of the main ‘gateway settings’ page:

@cmallonee is correct. The “Homepage Config” tab is going away, because there aren’t any homepage tabs left to configure :slight_smile: