Hosting Ignition on AWS

Currently, I have Ignition installed on AWS EC2 instance. I can launch my web page internally in a web browser with the private IP. I can not get it to launch on the public IP. Is there a setting somewhere to get it to work with the public IP? This is all with Ignition perspective/

Nothing else should be required (I haven’t set up AWS in a while) - are you still on the default ports/are you using those ports with the public domain name? The “public” IP might only have 80/443 (default HTTP/HTTPS) ports open, if even that; it might just be a security restriction.

I am using ports 1883 for the MQTT messaging between an edge device and AWS

I have a firewall rule set for the IP address of the Edge device set in the AWS firewall with the 1883 port open. At the edge device, the MQTT transmission is using the public IP with port 1883.

I don’t see how MQTT is related - you’re having issue reaching your gateway webpage/Perspective, right?
Have you opened 80/443? Is Ignition bound to those ports, or still using its default HTTP(S) ports: 8088, 8043? AWS likely doesn’t open any ports, particularly not unusual ones like 8088/8043.

From memory testing a AWS server for ignition there was 2 places to open ports.

One as the AWS firewall accessible when you log into your account and the other was in the OS itself, in my case it was windows firewall.

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The webpage is another issue. Right now I just want to get the MQTT working. The web page seems to work internally and yes Ignition is bound to 8088 it seems