Hotkeys for Group and Ungroup

I apologize in advance for the profanity but most of my HMI experience (prior to ignition) was in Rockwell RSView products.

Those HMIs have hotkeyed G for Group and U for Ungroup.

I am a rookie with ignition so forgive my ignorance…
Today I learned the hard way that in Ignition G toggles ‘Snap to Grid’.

Would it be possible to assign hotkeys to Group and to Ungroup? Also iIf there are any experienced users reading this please respond to indicate whether you feel ‘Snap to Grid’ is a command that should be hotkeyed, or would it be reasonable to suggest reassigning G?

Thanks for reading this post!

I’ll add this as a feature request in our system.

As an addition to this, straight-up custom keyboard shortcuts would be awesome! There are plenty of things I would remap, for sure taking out the control of the shortcuts, i.e. “U” for Custom Properties, “J” for Event Handlers, etc. Similar to Sketchup and GIMP (although they still obviously use the Ctrl key :stuck_out_tongue:).
What I would REALLY like to be able to do is have shortcut keys for the Align keys(probably would use WASD for top, left, down, right and probably Q and E for centering), as we make A LOT of screens for multiple customers, we have to align stuff a lot! :unamused:

I have searched in the forum for ‘custom keyboard’, ‘keyboard shortcuts’, etc and only thing I could find is people asking for group/ungroup shortcuts…how 'bout go big or go home…custom keyboard shortcuts for all (well lets be realistic, most) functions!!