Hour Meter Problems

I have started the process of transferring to the Igntion System and have ran into a problem with the Hour Meter Function. It was working ok in FSQL. I am using the Hour Meter to Log the state of a machine by using a bit in the PLC to trigger the different states that it can be in. These are setup as Hour Meter tags in the system. On the hour I stop this group from triggering for a few seconds and Insert a new row for the next hour. The logging group is then triggered again and it will update the last row depending on the current state of the machine. The problem I have with the Ignition system is that the value is been accumulated as a value in the OPC tag and this is then mapped into the new row once it triggers again. In the FSQL system this did not happen. It just displayed a value of 1 or 0 depending on what the state of the machine was. When it was 1 it would add the value of the update rate to what was already in the database field. I am not sure as to what might be causing this. I tried setting the Bi Directional DB wins but it does not accumulate all of the time. Any ideas on what I should do.