Hour Meter resets to zero

Hello! I have noticed, that Hour Meter resets to zero each time I restart SQL Bridge module. Is there any way to save previous values? SQL Bridge version used: 5.3.3 (b117).

Yes, you have to set the hour meter item to “Bi-Directional DB Wins” mode so when Ignition restarts it using the database value first.

Did it as you adviced, but it didn’t help. Problem still remains: each time transaction group or bridge restarted, zero is written to DB table.

It worked for me. Can you post a screenshot of the hour meter? Or possibly export the group so we can see it?

Here I got screenshot of my instance, you can see timer reset in DB browser caused by stop/start of the transaction group.

Ok, I see. You are using a historical group which always inserts new rows. It never looks at the row to get initial values. I don’t think there is a way to preserve that value right now. I thought you were updating a record in the database. In this case it always resets the hour meter to 0. I can add a ticket in to preserve the hour meter value in memory.

Hi, I was wondering if anything was changed since this post to let hour meter values be preserved in memory. I was having an issue where a server reset caused a running hour meter in one of my transaction groups to be reset to zero when it’s supposed to be running indefinitely. We’re currently running ignition 7.8–is there a fix for this problem for us?

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. That problem still persists.I will have to put a ticket in our system for that.

I just had a server reset wipe all our hourmeters that were set to bidirectional DB wins, what would i have to do to fix this?

The best thing is to build an hour meter UDT that handles it outside of the transaction group so it can be persistent. I have uploaded one you can play around with.

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