Hourly Efficiency Not Calculating

Hey guys,

I have a line chart page that shows a few graphs for either current or previous runs. There are graphs for Hourly/Actual, Hourly Efficiency, Actual/Standard and Accumulated waste.

These graphs all work great for every line, except for the Hourly Efficiency graph. That graph works great for every line but one. On that one line it only ever calculates hourly efficiency from hour 12 to hour 16, for every run. All of the other lines work perfectly fine so I’m not sure what is different about this one particular line or why it only calculates on those hours. What would cause that to happen?

I figured this out. I didn’t have 1st shift enabled for the line. I had it on inherit from parent, but apparently I didn’t have it enabled further up the hierarchy and this caused the line to not be available but it would still calculate OEE, just not update the realtime stuff. I enabled 1st shift on the line and now everything is working. FYI.