Hover showing text field icon for the mouse when on a mouseup event link

I made a flex container in a container in a container…with a set of three labels

Then I set the text container to link to another webpage when clicked, technically on mouseup.

However, some users don’t realize it is a link because the mouse looks like the text entry icon instead of the link being hovered icon…

How do I fix this?

You’ll need to make a new Style within the Perspective context. In the following example, I named my style “PseudoLink”.

Within the style dialog, click the + icon and select “Element State”, then select “hover”. Now, select the cursor appearance you would like displayed when an element is hovered over (most likely “pointer” if you’re trying to emulate a link’s behavior). Click OK to apply your changes.

Now select your Label which is acting as a link. Include your new style as one of the style classes.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 12.06.18 PM


worked perfectly

thanks, very easy and concise

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