How about using Python for the expressions as well as script

Is there some reason why expressions can not be written in Python also? It would sure be nice to only have one syntax to use in Ignition. And perhaps it would eliminate having to fool the expression language into doing what you want, as is sometimes the case. (See splitting a split in Ignition Problems)

I know there are a lot of expressions already written in the expression language, so maybe you could have the ability to pick the language in which you write an expression, so all future expressions could be written in Python, if you desired, and the existing ones written in the expression language would still work.

Wonderware has a bastardized scripting language that is a mixture of C# and VB. It gives me fits trying to remember the syntax for it, and it also has limited documentation. I’m not a huge fan of Python, or any other language that doesn’t enforce data typing, but at least there is documentation for it on the web.

Please excuse me now while I find some cheese to go with my whine. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 — PLEASE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice to see an update on this question (in 2022).

I came upon this question searching for “expression language”. I wanted to know if expressions were written in python.

Appears they are not, based on this question from over 7 years ago.

They aren’t, and won’t be.