How access to alarm_events table in Default Projects

I have to filter the Alarm Status Table for date range.
So I need to read the alarm_events table that is in the Default Project, but I’m not able to access to that table from the script.

I try: event.source.getComponent(‘alarm_events’)
table = system.db.alarm_events

but none of that access to the alarm_events table, I can’t figure where the table is in the project, so I can not read it.

This is a pretty late response, but maybe it will help someone else with the same question.

So, if you put an actual table onto a display in your project called “alarm_events”, then it will only be accessible when that display is open, and it will be complicated to access it with anything that isn’t an object on the same display.

If you just want to get alarm history in general, you will have to set up an Alarm Journal. Once that’s set up, you can access it using the Alarm Journal Table. If you want to get alarm history in a script for some other purpose, then you can use system.alarm.queryJournal.

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