How are perspective perspective views embedded from other projects?

Hi Ignition forum. First post here.
I am building a navigation view in perspective using the tab component and embedding other views. Now i am wondering how I would go about embedding a view from another project.

Ideally I would love to have the navigation view be in its own project and load , embedded views from across multiple projects.

Take a look at project inheritance.
You could have your navigation resources stored in a parent project, and use them in its children.

If I understood correctly what you're after, I believe this is your best option.


It is definitely a solution and one that I've overlooked.

I've quite a few projects already that contain resources, calls scripts across each other, and executes. So if undertand correctly will be a hurdle to impose inheritance at this point.

Start simple, if you want your nav view to be inheritbale, create a new "master" project make it an inheritable project and put your nav view in there.
Then on all your other projects, put this new "master" project as parent and you should have acces to the nav view

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Inheritance is being suggested because it is the only option. You cannot use resources from unrelated projects. Leaf projects can only use the resources they inherit.


Thank you for the clarification