How are these svg components created in Perspective?

Hi all

I found this svg component from the sample quick start project.

This component is made up of a type ia.container.drawing and


Is it possible to create the structure natively in the designer or must this be made in JSON and then pasted in?

I prefer this structure compared to the standard element structure as it’s easier to create bindings to parts of the SVG.

its from an older version
its not really possible anymore

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I think the caveat here is that it is possible, but probably not worth the effort. You would need to copy the view’s JSON, manipulate outside of Ignition, then paste the JSON back into the view (assuming you have all of the syntax for everything correct) in order to have SVGs like the one you showed. The ONLY reason I can think of to do this is if you needed to have different event handlers trigger on select paths in the whole SVG.