How can a client access the web vision application?

Hello, I am learning to use Ignition and I have a doubt.
My Doubt is:
How can a customer view the scada from their web browser?
Thanks a lot

You would use the perspective module to build web pages to view.

From there it depends on your system architecture a bit to find out if the computers or devices you are trying to use can reach the ignition server. Working with whoever manages that network will be key to make sure connections are allowed and secure.

thanks for your reply.
So apart from the scada designed in vision, is it necessary to design the web page in perspective?

thanks you

If you are looking to access it through a browser, you will need to build a system in perspective.

Using vision, you can get to the gateway and pull the launcher, but that executes locally on the computer you are running, not within a browser instance.

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thanks you again.