How can a Perspective Table SubView not use default height of the subview?

In EmbeddedView and FlexRepeater components, the options to “useDefaultViewWidth” and “useDefaultViewHeight” are included, enabling a designer to select false so the default height can be large for editing within the designer but the runtime height will be only as much as is needed if basis = auto.

In the Perspective Table component, there is a feature to include a subview on a row. I don’t see an option within the subview section to not use the DefaultViewHeight of the subview.

Any pointers on how to achieve the same resizing effect on Table Subviews as is possible with EmbeddedView and FlexRepeater components?

Same question for me please

You will have to add some styles to the subviews root object, which are bound to the view params, which can be passed along in the table.
Overflow should be auto but can be whatever
height can be auto but will never be smaller than min-height, which has to be provided as ignition sets minheight to the roots default height here


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