How can I address a Siemens S7 DATE_AND_TIME OPC Tag


the user manual gives information of addressing to S7 items like DInt, Word, Byte… by the OPC-Path “[device_name]address”.

We can address the DataTypes given in the user manuel, but we want to address a S7 DATE_AND_TIME DataType.
Which Synthax do we need to use to address a S7 DATE_AND_TIME DataType in one of our DataBlocks?

At the moment we tried “[device_name]DBn,B12.6” because the DATA_AND_TIME DataType has 6 Bytes, but this did not work.


It looks like we have a long-standing feature request to add DT and DOT datatypes to the driver… :frowning:

See the work-around in this thread for now: … =72&t=8899