How can I change dock size in script


I need to recreate layout like ignition gateway web pages as shown below:

As ignition doesn’t support multiple dock as the same time, so the only workaround is changing dock size in script. when clicking status icon the dock resize to show additional info. The info exist inside a flex container.
The question is how can I change the dock size in script?

Dock sizes aren’t dynamic in Perspective. Once you configure a Docked View’s properties in the Designer, those are its final properties. As I’m sure you’ve already read the documentation, you can see that Docked Views scripting functions don’t really accept many arguments.

That being said, there’s nothing to stop you from configuring multiple Docked Views on a side (although as you’ve already mentioned you can only have one open at a time), so what you could do is configure one Docked View which is the Home/Status/Config View, and then a second which is the list of options and ALSO contains an Embedded View of the Home/Status/Config View anchored to the left.

You would need to pass params as part of the Docked View scripting, but I just tried this setup myself, and it actually works better than even I expected.

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But switching between two dock cause the animation is not looking good. Specially because the one closing and other openings. This is not what ignition web side do.
Do you agree with me that we need this feature at least in future?
I believe user can do anything that is possible in real world web pages.

Could you please send me a record of your final setup in gif format.