How can I create a cmd script to keep different clients open

Hello All,

I’m working in a client that will serve as a factory HMI (schedules, active alarms, etc) replacement. I got three required features to comply with:

[ul]Always open[/ul]
[ul]Load at windows startup[/ul]
[ul]Always visible[/ul]

I manged to comply with the last two items in the list but I’m struggling with the first one. How can I keep open at least two (2) different projects?, the legacy app use a cmd script and a windows’ service to check if it’s running, also at the start up another cmd script loads the application maximized with Menu/Windows borders hide by default.

I want to complete this before to advance to production environment. I’m including cmd scripts for reference.
Thanks for your time!

Legacy App: startup.bat

start /realtime CIMVIEW /AlwaysMaximized /NoExit /NoMenuTitle \\SERVER\SERVER\screens\MENU_PRINCIPAL.cim

Ignition App: starthmi.cmd

start D:\Downloads\clientlauncher.exe scope=C project=HMI_Assembly windowmode=fullscreen gateway.addr=MY.IP.H.ERE:8088/main

OS: Windows 7 Pro
Gateway: 7.8
Java: 1.8 (update 91)