How can I disable Perspective from being launched for a project?

Much like in Vision how you can disable its launch icon, how can I do this in Perspective? At the moment I have the 3 projects that were converted over from v7: my main project, global, and alarm pipelines. I don’t want to see Perspective links for global and the alarm pipelines, as these don’t have perspective projects to run.

What ‘Perspective links’ are you referring to? On the homepage? I think we fixed a bug here, because on 8.0.2/nightly I only see “runnable” (ie, not inheritable) projects on the homepage panel to launch Perspective sessions.

Sorry, the links I’m talking about are in a few places: in the mobile app, on the web server homepage, and in the Perspective PC launcher. I’m only running 8.0.0. In Vision v7 you were able to hide particular projects from running the mobile project, but I guess it’s a bit different now in Perspective as it could also be run from PCs. There shouldn’t be a link for projects that don’t physically have any Perspective project resources though, which is what I’m seeing. I imported a project from 7 for reference which has no Perspective resources in the project directory on the file system, however a link still shows up for it in the above mentioned places.

For example, this project below has no Perspective file system resources, but there is a Perspective link on the web server page:

I would try updating to 8.0.1 now that it’s out - I’m pretty confident this has already been fixed.

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Cool, i’ll give it a go, cheers

i’m running 8.0.2 and can’t find anything to disable perspective from the launch pages…

i guess it is still an open fix then?

I don’t think @PGriffith was suggesting there was any change to let you explicitly disable launching for Perspective projects, rather, some bug was fixed that was causing non-runnable projects and projects without Perspective resources to show up as launchable anyway.

Are you looking for a way to explicitly disable an otherwise runnable project containing Perspective resources?

For the latter behavior Kevin mentioned, see this thread: [feature-13175]Perspective - Hide Project

Well, i migrated some projects from 7.9.10 to 8.0.1. I guess they shouldn’t have any perspective resources… but since they are shown as launchable perspective projects, maybe they have by default?

Are there any hidden resources, because the perspective folder itself is empty?

Sure, a way to explicity disable them would be nice.

Disable / Hide +1? :slight_smile:

We are on 8.0.4, and EVERY single one of our projects (Including Vision only) is showing up in the Perspective App after I add my Gateway. Is this expected behavior?