How can I display the Month names to X-Axis of the XY chart?


I’m integrating month wise data to the XY Chart in Ignition 8.0.12,
and the chart is also appears with Numeric value of the Month (i.e. 1, 2, 3…)
and the month number is also showing at X-Axis

Here I want to show the X-Axis values as month name (Jan-21, Feb-21, Mar-21)

How can I achieve this ?

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If you mean xy chart in perspective I only think of change the xy chart type to actual XY type which is shown in ignition document. For each element you to pass a dictionary with two key value. One the data and the other is month. You have to use script transform to make data ready for chart in your binding.


Thanks for your prompt response

Here I’ve only four charts available,

  • Time series chart
  • XY chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart

I’m using XY chart, and there is no option/property to do so

Please suggest


Try changing the format of props.xAxes[0].date.format to MMM-yy. You will possibly also have to change props.xAxes[0].date.inputFormat to match whatever your incoming datasets timestamp format is.

Here is setting in perspective XY chart component:

This XY chart can be set to any chart gnatt, XY chart, heat map, time series,…