How can I find alarms which are tagged critical?

I want to find all the tags which have their alarms as critical ? I have around 60k tags. Going through all of them would take a lot of time.

Thank You
Pratik Jain

Are you actually on 8.0.x? If you are on a later version you could use the tag report tool and get a list of all tags with alarms, then run a script on that to get the priority.

You can browse the tags and filter for priority. For example, the below script will browse for all Boolean tags and look for Critical priority. You can adapt it to your needs.

criticalAlarmTagList= []
tagList = system.tag.browseTags(dataType = "Boolean", recursive = True)
for tag in tagList:
	tagPath = str(tag)
	tagDefs = system.tag.getAlarmStates(tagPath)
	for tagDef in tagDefs:
		alarmProperties = tagDef.getAlarmProperties()
		for prop in tagDef.getAlarmProperties():
			if == 'priority':
				if str(prop.value) == "Critical":

For reference: