How can I get a license for my own module?

I devellops a module for my company. We have a gateway in developer mode and one for production.

I signed the module using your marketplace. My module is still in trial mode, even with the module signed converted from the marketplace website.

How can I get a free license for my own module?


It depends on whether you want the module tied to a particular production server. If you want it to run on any server, set the property in module.xml before building and signing. It you want to limit the module to just approved servers using Ignition’s licensing system, you must purchase the module through the marketplace (only available to public developers). Developers can issue up to 100% off coupons as needed to activate modules on their own projects.
All of this is being reworked, btw, to make it easier for both developers and IA. Schedule and details haven’t been announced yet.