How can I get MySQL Demo DB back after deleting?

Can someone help me? I let several months go by between training courses. My last class required me to update Ignition as well as MySQL and in that process, I no longer have a MySQL DemoyyyyMMdd.gwbk to restore per the README.txt instructions. Since this is just for the purposes of completing the training classes, is there somewhere I can get a copy of this file?

Thanks in Advance!

Hello Barb,

Yes, you can download our demo project from the Extra Materials page on our website. It gives you a zip file that includes all of the files you need to reload the Ignition Demo project, the Ignition .gwbk, the database .sql, and the individual project files.

It is listed on the following page as the “Ignition Demo Project Gateway Backup”

Thanks Robert. Should I be using the IgnitionDemoV79 or Ignition_Demo_08_19_2012?

That depends on what version of Ignition you are using. The IgnitionDemoV79 is using Ignition version 7.9, so if you have 7.9 installed, I would download and restore that backup.