How can I get the count and details of Vision clients open from script?

I’m basically looking to get the detail that’s available on the gateway webpage for number of Vision clients open, similarly to the Perspective system.perspective.getSessionInfo().

There are no system functions that I can find, so I’m thinking this might be an IA rep question with calls to internal API functions?


FYI: We would like to track the average client usage over time and correlate that with server CPU and memory usage to pre-empt performance issues and tackle them before they become an issue.

Something like this you mean?

Derpy derp derp. Yes, something exactly like that :roll_eyes:

I should have looked harder! Thanks

You sound like my son. And make me feel terribly old. Just how young are you? (My son is old enough to have given me two grandchildren.... )

-- No need to actually answer that. /:

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  1. Or is it 35? I can’t remember anymore I’m so OLD :grin:

I gotta do the maths every time and im ten years younger xd No point to remember a number that changes overtime xd

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