How can I group embedded views into a container?

I have created several small coordinate views to use as templates in my Perspective project. I have a larger column view where I would like to put a few containers, each container having a few embedded views in it so that they are grouped together on the screen. I would like to put a border with a label around each container.

When I create the container in my large column view, it does not let me drag or paste embedded views into it. How can I accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Are you deep selecting the container that you made inside the column container, before trying to paste/drag in your coord containers?

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In order to place any component/container into a Perspective container, the destination container must be deep-selected. This can be accomplished by double-clicking the destination container, or in more recent versions (>8.0.13?) you can select the container node in the project browser, right click the container node, and then select “Deep Select”.

At this point you will notice all space outside the destination container is “shaded”, leaving the destination container as the point-of-focus in the View.

In this screenshot, the root node is currently deep-selected, as denoted by the “target” icon.

Yes, you’re both right. Thank you so much for letting me know I needed to Deep Select before pasting, that has solved my issue.