How can I have popup window follow the configured height?

I have a popup window to show custom filters on a table. The issue is when it opens, its at a height of 801px when it should be less than 500px depending on what menu items(s) are open.

I would try to set the height of the popup to auto when you open it. You will likely have to open the popup via a script.

Even with a script like the following, I still couldn't get the parent container height to change to auto. I found forcing 'auto' through the css stylesheet file worked though. Was their something I was missing to have it change through the open popup script or is modifying the parent elements not possible this way.

	viewPath = "Alarm Filter/Group"
	# Define the position for the popup
	popupPosition = {
	    "left": 100,
	    "top": 100
	# Define additional parameters, including binding the height to window height
	popupParams = {
	    "inheritedHeight": True,  # Set to True for inherited height
	    # Add any other parameters as needed
	# Open the popup view with position and additional parameters
	system.perspective.openPopup(id="filterpopup", view=viewPath, position=popupPosition, params=popupParams)
	# Set the height of the container to "auto" using a script
	script = """
	var popupContainer = document.getElementById("popup-filterpopup"); = "auto";