How can I load a complex studio 5000 tag structure into ignition perspective designer?

Hello, I am new to this industry and ignition. The studio 5000 project has thousands of tags inside of several programs within the project. I need to get the tags into ignition so I can start developing with them. I have tried the Logix L5K Parser but it only picked up a few UDTs and no other tags. I tried exporting the tags as a csv file but ignition gave me the following error Tag errors occurred during tag import Error_Exception("Error importing tags: Unknown CSV Format"). I have tried using softlogix and studio 5000 emulate to possibly bring the tags in that way but failed. Is there any other way I am missing here?
Thank you.


Rockwell plc support browsing, you can easily browse into you plc and select the tags you want.


Oh sorry I forgot to mention I did not have access to the PLC. but I realized that I saved my file as a ACD not a L5K so I thing I am good. Thanks for the fast response!

Simply dragging in tags from the plc is never a good answer though. You should create a logical folder structure in the ignition tag browser and use UDTs for templated tags so that you can create sensible views and facilitate better options

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Since you have the ACD, and hopefully a copy of Studio 5000 to open it, you might find this helpful:

Thank you for the advice! I am trying to work through this thread but I think some of the option in ignition have changed. I cant find Ethernet/IP Class1 Host Device in the menu. Do you have this for the latest version of ignition?

Oh I see you addressed this in the thread