How can I modify opc tag (component value names)

Hello. I was wondering how can I modify (or if it is even possible) the individual names of every component/index number cell of an array. I have an OPC tag with data type: Bool array.

If I drill down to the value “property” for all 48 components/cells and right click, it shows me the possibility to change the name of each individual one. But when I try to do so, I write the new individual name and when I press enter it doesn’t save. I don’t want to use individual tags for each item as the OPC-UA gives all the info in this array (which I consider efficiently into this one array). Can anyone guide me a little? Should I make an UDT? Or do I have to modify my OPC into a different arrangement?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

P.S: I realized in the picture above I used 2 different arrays, but it is the same principle

You can’t modify the names of these virtual “properties” for each array element.

If the OPC server you’re connected to exposes each element of the array as a Node in the address space then you could make a UDT and a member tag for each element that you could control the name of. Or just a regular tag per element that you control the name of. No need for a UDT unless you have a lot of arrays that are exactly the same and you want to treat them as a UDT for some reason.

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Thanks for the very useful info! I figured since the start that I would most likely not be able to. As the Tag/array name is static as a whole and its n-index elements are the ones that do vary.

I would have 6 instances that share about 80% of the parameters, that is why I thought an UDT might have been useful, but then I would have to modify each individual one to its respective configuration (though I don’t remember now if that could be done).

Is there no other alternative? some sort of scripting /event that turns an array into some sort of a list?
or could a dataset tag be independent of the table component? I guess my intention is to have a Tag as a class

Thank you very much regardless