How can I override or add to a Perspective Style within a custom theme?

I’m just trying to learn what’s possible, so I have a Perspective Style defined that adds a background colour and border.
My test style Ignition path is: Test/Style 01
I want to add a filter effect to it, so I added this into one of my custom theme css files:

.psc-Test\/Style 01 {

However in runtime, this has no effect; I can’t see this filter being added into the css in dev tools. I’ve forced a css update by changing the theme to something else and then back again, but no blur effect.
How can I override or add to an existing style?

I found that you can extend a style (, but upon trying this I wasn’t able to get it to work. The extra styling I added worked (the filter), but the style doesn’t gain the styles from the extended class. I assume this is because the extended class doesn’t exist yet when this is created? Do I need to import anything before this? From my understanding the psc classes are all created dynamically created by converting the Perspective Styles definitions to CSS.

.psc-Test\/Style 01-e {
    @extend .psc-Test\/Style 01;

Hi @nminchin, did you ever find out how to do this?

No. but looking back at this, it wouldn’t work having spaces in the style name