How can I pass a parameter to a template?

I have a container that contains a graph and a custom property called TestID. I have added code on the container’s property change event to populate the chart based on the new value the TestID is changed to. I then turned the container into a template. My question is a how do I change the custom property TestID inside the template?

I want to use this template in many places and use it multiple times on a singe window.

Thank for the help,

You just add a template parameter (custom property) to the template. The template parameter shows up every time you use the template and it can be different. It really is just a custom property added to a template.

I see I can put a custom property on the template, but if i try to move the property change code from the master template to the instance of the template I do not seem to have access to the components inside the template.

Nevermind, I called into support and the reason i was not getting the template parameters was because my container was the same size as my template and when i would right click it would only give me custom parameters for the container not the template.