How can I run a script repeatedly every hour?


If you click the refresh button in the figure, the values ​​of temperature and humidity are updated.
I would like to automatically update every hour.
please teach me how to do it.

Usually such would be run in a gateway timer event script or a gateway scheduled event script, and the results placed in memory tags. The various UI consumers would bind to those tags to always have the most recent values.


i solved it
thank you for your reply

Couple options:

  1. Tie those values in your view to a tag and have the gateway update the tags periodically using Designer>Scripting>Gateway Events>Scheduled.
  2. Create a parameter in your view with the following expressions: now(60000) - this value will update once a minute. Set up a change script on this same parameter to execute your script.
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Is there a reason you don't want live values? Then they would update continuously.