How can I show / hide the component column of the Perspective table at runtime?

Hi folks, I need to add a feature to my project, but I need some advice because I have been using this SW for less than a while.
On the page, I use views to show data with the table component, the data to show in the table can have a lot column (a variable number from 26 to 60).
Is there a clever way to let the users, at runtime, to decide which column to show? What is the best strategy to have good flexibility for my application?

a multi select combo box. with a binding on the tables columns to it which a script transform edit…
not idea if it has tons of options tho
if you want it to be saved between session you will have to write it to a db, (with username + page?)

Thx Victor, to replay to my question and to suggest this solution.
I’ll test it asap.
I don’t think i need to save the settings of the tab between 2 different sessions, i suppose that
in case of 2 session run, the settings need to be done 2 times independently.
I have a number of tables that need to be showed all in view and then aggregated
depending on specific analysis, the operator need to do.

good luck^^