How can I tell Ignition if my tag's value is over a certain number, then have it light up my multi-state indicator?

I have these tags:

I'm using getBit to grab the bits from my integer tag.

My question is, for my last tag, how do I make a tag that will identify if the value is over 16384?

Granted, I am new to Ignition, but this was one I should've caught.

I did not realize I could use if (TagWithIntValue > 16384, 1, 0). I was under the impression I needed to use bits and realize now I can just base my expression tag off the integer value tag that this expression tags is looking at.

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Glad you worked it out, but the if statement there is redundant. You can just use {tag} > 16384 which evaluates to true or false. You only need to use if if you're returning values other than true/false


Oh cool! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip.