How can we better deal with "Ack Notes" with the "Alarm Status Table"

On the following page, here, it states, about “Ack Notes Required” that you should “Select this option to require operators to provide some explanation when the alarm is acknowledged”.

When set to true, when working with the “Alarm Status Table”, the “Ack Notes” field appears so the operator can fill up something after he pressed the “Acknowledge” button.

I guess not anybody will agree with me but it does not follow the basic commonly accepted ergonomic pattern for doing that kind of task.

I am looking for a way to either:
1- Type the “Ack Notes” before pressing the “Acknoledge” button
2- Be able to offer a drop down box to select some predefined notes to fill the “Ack Notes” field

I am looking for wiseness to be able to accomplish that. Who succesfully did such kind of things and how? Please advice.