How conect Plc s71200 with ignition

Hi, I have a question about how connected a PLC s7-1200 with Scada Ignition. First I make the programming in TIA-PORTAL. Second I make the configuring how show in this page

And finish.

Now, in Ignition-Scada I only explore the device without addressing any tag, or should I do it?

Siemens processors don’t support browsing for third-party device drivers. You can either manually address the tags, or, if it’s one of the supported Siemens processor (and firmware) versions, you can make a direct OPC-UA connection to the device’s onboard UA server - which would support browsing.

Now you need to use this page to point some tags to your data.

As the replies say you will have to address to the tag directly which isn’t difficult, using the method below you can copy and paste most of the addres for speed.

The easiest way (for me anyway) is to create one database in your program for all the items you want ignition to look it. Then use move blocks In the program to get the data into there. That keeps it clean and simple. I also ‘hard code’ the machine name and serial number into the DB so ignition can pick it up and do various things depending on what machine and type it is.

Also means you can leave optimized DB’s on in your program for easy addressing, except for the one ignition is looking at. Plus it makes it easier to remember your addresses and you can copy and paste that and only need to change the last few characters.

It may also be possible to download the DB to CSV then upload straight into ignition. I’ve never tried this and I’m not sure the format is compatible. Some one else may know?

You can go one further. If you have multiple types of machines like I do. I created a DB with 20 bool, 20 real, 20 integer, 20 strings etc. Then created a FC with all the move blocks inside and assigned the inputs / outputs. Then drop that into your program and address the corresponding inputs / outputs or type any values you want fixed. Then you can use the same FB and FC in all your plc programs. You can make the DB as big as you want. Using arrays is easier for creating large numbers of the same type.