How could we found back the vision client active page?

We are using Ignition since several years and we have over 75 vision client active on one of our project. In a way to maintain and keep the gateway stable, we want to see where we can found the active vision page that a particular Hostname is running. Some people are working remote and it's time consuming to keep calling back the people who have had problem with some specific page and try to reproduce their errors. Thank you for the support.

You will need to instrument your Vision applications to report that information, then. (Vision doesn't use pages, btw. That's a Perspective concept.) Could be done with message handlers. Not rocket science, but not trivial, either.

Hi, thank you for the feedback. In this way we implement a client tag Change Script over the Client user tag, CurrentWindows. So like that every page open from a client will be record on a local database with the time_stamp and their hostname. We just need to manage the database to make sure it will not get too big over the time. It could be a good upgrade to get this feature live on the gateway web page client vision.