How debug in perspective


How can I debugging with the console in perspective module ?
Is it possible to do it like in vision ?

No, script errors in Perspective go to the gateway log, not the designer’s console. Because the scripts are running in the gateway. Printing in Perspective goes only to the gateway’s wrapper log.


From here ?

Yes. Errors and deliberate log entries (using a logger from system.util.getLogger()) go there. print output goes directly to the wrapper log, bypassing the logging system.

For simple stuff, I generally use print in the scripts while using tail --follow wrapper.log in a remote terminal to watch the results, simply because printed/logged line endings show nicely in the wrapper log in a terminal.

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Hi pturmel
Can you elaborate on how to do this:
“using tail --follow wrapper.log in a remote terminal”

I secure shell into the Ignition server, change to Ignition’s log folder, and execute that command verbatim.

Using the gateway log. How can you tell where the error is happening. All I can see is something like … (most recent call last): File “”, line 3, in valueChanged… and a little more information that sometimes let me use Find to locate the error but I have a whole lot of valueChanged scripts. How do I tell which one the error is in?

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